Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups begin at two years of age and extend through adulthood. After a comprehensive evaluation examining receptive and expressive language with a primary focus on pragmatic language skills, we identify the best pairing for our client based on skill level, age, and level of support needed. Social groups focus on a variety of skills including:

  • Eye contact and joint attention

  • Parallel play and turn taking skills

  • Requesting from friends

  • Answering and asking questions

  • Reading body language

  • Listening skills and following group directions

  • Proximity

  • Complimenting/receiving compliments

  • Being a good sport

  • Initiating and exiting a conversation

  • Joining a group

  • Self regulation

  • Emotional Regulation and coping skills

  • Perspective Taking

  • Working as a team


Our trained clinicians apply Zones of Regulation® and Social Thinking® concepts. Each session addresses individual treatment goals through a combination of direct instruction, role-playing, games, crafts, and interactional play to enhance the acquisition and performance of social skills.