My son has received speech therapy from MJ Kidz since January. When he started he maybe had ten words. He used a combination of gestures,sign language, and PECS to communicate. Now, roughly six months later, and his language has exploded! He attempting to say all words! He can also say short sentences. We can communicate with mostly language everyday with little confusion. He is happier, more regulated, and thriving. Every single week since he started speech with Ms. Jamie we’ve heard improvement! I am so happy we found this place. Every employee we have met has been personable, kind, and helpful. They are there to help, and they’ve helped our family so much! I couldn’t be more grateful for MJ Kidz! Highly recommended!

My son is 3yrs old and aged out of early intervention 2 months ago and has been going here ever since for his speech delay. In just these 2 short months he has come so far thanks to his fabulous teachers, Melissa and Leslie.... They are miracle workers when it comes to getting kiddos to learn how to talk because they take the time to even teach how to move his mouth and tongue to produce certain sounds that he struggles with and teach me how to practice those exercises at home. The teachers here are all so enthusiastic and creative with the way they get kids to talk, it is so obvious that they love what they do. Never in a million years would I have thought of some of the tips and tricks that they have taught me to practice the difficult word sounds at home such as using a lollipop to help push back his tongue to work on the "k" and "g" sounds. Bringing my son to MJ Kidz was the best decision I have ever made!

We have been seeing Mary for a little over a year now. It has been a Godsend just having a group of speech therapists in our area, but finding Mary has been the best part. Our son's behavior can be super challenging, but Mary has been super patient and creative with her approach and it has made all the difference in the world. Having been in speech therapy since he was 4 and making such small improvements with an adversarial speech therapist that brought out the worst in him, it has been life changing seeing our son's speech blossom with Mary. He still loves to push her buttons but It has been amazing having her on our team. I would like you all to know how much we appreciate her!

     My son has been receiving speech therapy for three years at MJ Kidz.  From the first time we started treatment with Ms. Jodi, we knew this was the place for our son.  Prior we had tried many other providers and facilities that were just not a complete fit for our son and family.  MJ Kidz provides a family approach atmosphere and an individualized and customized treatment plan to meet your child’s needs.  Over our three years I have watched them embrace every family with respect and dignity.  They meet you where you and your child are at clinically and develop a path for your child to grow.  You never have to feel judgment there as they have created a climate of warmth and respect for all.  They work around your schedule and ensure all of their providers are highly trained.  In addition to their amazing providers, their office staff is amazing and welcome you with support.  They step in to get your child water or a snack and offer assistance. They are amazing too!  They get that most families are trying to juggle it all and on those days where you forgot your drink or a snack for your son because you are running from work to get him there,  they just know to jump in and give that parent a sigh of relief.   My son is on the autism spectrum and on some days it is tougher for him to participate.  They work with where he is at that day and manage to get him engaged in no time for a positive outcome.  He has made tremendous gains during his time and treatment through MJ kidz we could not be happier.