Watch Gwen M. discuss her positive experience at MJ Kidz! 


Tiffany U, Parent

"My son has made tremendous progress since coming to MJ Kidz! He went from being very shy and only saying a few words to now speaking sentences! We feel that he improves after every single session with Miss Arch! We can't thank her enough"

Katherine N, Parent

"We have already seen our daughter exhibiting new receptive and expressive communication abilities due to the specific work done during the therapy sessions. It's almost as if my daughter's inner abilities are being unlocked each week. Miss Alea is warm, welcoming, and possesses a laser focus on objectives for each visit. She established a relationship with my daughter quickly, which is not easy to do."

Anonymous, Parent

"I can't say enough good things about Miss Mary. She is a very knowledgeable and caring speech therapist. My son is crazy about her!. Miss Mary presents the material in such a way that he thinks they are just playing games, when in fact, he is learning so much when it comes to his speech."

Shiobhan G, Parent

"I want to start my saying we love the entire MJ Kidz staff. From the moment we enter the door, everyone from the office staff from the clinicians make us feel welcome and supported. As an aside, kudos to the owners for creating such a positive, warm, environment... I [also] want to recognize Miss Jen. Miss Jen has a wonderful way of making learning objectives fun. [My daughter] eagerly looks forward to her weekly session... She has a great time and does not even realize she has spent the entire time working! Miss Jen truly has a gift for making learning fun! My daughter has come so far in the past couple of years, and I am excited to see her continue to grow!"

Regina J. Parent

Miss Meg and Miss Arch go above and beyond to support [my son] and me! They have a natural ability to make [my son] feel special, comfortable, and trusting. They took the time to know his personality and interests, and used that as a strength to keep him not only engaged but actively participating by using words! If it wasn't for these two ladies, my son would not be where he is today. Aside from [my son], they have helped me along the way too. This can be very stressful for a parent, but they have shown me so much compassion and helped me work with him better at home. Their hearts are truly in this profession and it shows."

Anonymous, Parent

"Miss Laura  B. is so kind and good with [my son.} He warmed up to her more quickly than he does with others, and gets excited to go see her and play with her. The simple instructions she gives each session multiply when we get home - he takes one thing she taught him and it helps him improve in so many other areas of his speech! He has hit so many of his goals Miss Laura set for him and everyone comments on how much clearer he is speaking and how many more words he is using. We love Miss Laura, she is a godsend!!!!"

Rachel F, Parent

"MJ Kidz is absolutely wonderful! They are organized, respond quickly and work with your schedule if sessions are missed. Their therapists are amazing. They care about the children, want them to succeed and are very intelligent. My son has been going for about a year and a half and I LOVE it there! He has made amazing gains and is now able to communicate his wants and needs verbally. I highly recommend MJ Kidz!"

Yasmin O, Parent

"I am so grateful for MJ Kidz! [My daughter] started with MJ Kidz in  Summer 2021.  She started off as totally non-verbal and as of now, she is using so many words and her behaviors have improved for the better! I feel like I have learned so much more about [my daughter] and how far she can go, which is to the stars and beyond.! I also love how much she enjoys Miss Carly and Miss Arch!"

Amy B, Parent

"Miss Becca and Miss Rachel have built such a great relationship with [my son]. He takes a while to warm up and they have figured him out! He loves coming in for his appointments and we have seen a great improvement in his confidence and speech. Both have been great working with his school as well to ensure we are all working towards the same goals!"